Developing sustainable healthy habits is the key to living well, living longer and grabbing more from life – beyond the gym. And learning where you stand is the launch pad for creating positive change.

BioScore is a holistic analysis of your health, fitness and lifestyle. Through a series of tests, we’ll give you meaningful information about what’s really going on beneath the surface.

Not only will your results reveal how old you are biologically (in comparison to your actual age), we’ll show you where there’s room for improvement and guide you on the journey to get there.

frequently asked questions

What is BioScore?

BioScore is our health and fitness assessment which tells you how old you are biologically in comparison to your actual age. The assessment, conducted by a trained BioScore trainer, looks at your health, lifestyle and physical fitness levels and for each test, it will assess whether your result is making your BioScore higher or lower compared to your chronological age, so you can easily see the areas you need to work on in order to start turning back the clock. BioScore is exclusive to Fitness First, and aligns with our philosophy of Dynamic Movement Training, where we focus on our body’s ability to move naturally.

What does the BioScore assessment comprise?

The BioScore assessment comprises a combination of health and fitness tests, and a comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire.

- Health: Lung function, blood pressure, body composition (height to waist ratio)

- Fitness: Aerobic fitness, strength, power, flexibility, agility, core endurance

- Lifestyle: Stress, smoking, alcohol, sleep, nutrition.

Who carries out the BioScore assessment?

The BioScore assessment will be carried out by Fitness First certified trainers, and will take place in club.

How long will the test take, and how long will someone have to wait to obtain his results?

On average, the entire assessment will take about 45 minutes to complete. The results can be calculated immediately, and the member will also get an email with his / her results. 

How is BioScore different from other assessments?

BioScore takes into account one’s lifestyle factors, such as nutrition, sleep, smoking and stress, in addition to health and fitness tests, in order to obtain a more holistic picture of a person’s health.

How often should one take the BioScore test?

We recommend the BioScore be repeated every three months.

Why is one’s score represented by a ‘+’ or ‘-‘ before a number?

Your BioScore is the difference between your biological age and your actual age, and this will be either a plus (+) or a minus (-) score displayed in years. This makes sharing your results a lot simpler, as others can see if your test result was negative or positive without having to ask your actual age.

How much does it cost?

The first BioScore assessment is free for members. If you would like to book another assessment the cost is $40.

How and where can I book a BioScore assessment?

Simply complete our online booking form. A personal trainer of your home club will contact you within three business days to confirm your appointment.

Book your BioScore Assessment

To book your BioScore assessment please complete our online booking form. A personal trainer of your selected club will contact you within three business days to confirm your appointment.